posted on 26 Jul 2013 00:01 by nekololita
Today,I work up at 10 o'clock. Ithink, I'm new Aom. So I washed my clothes and did my freelance work. Then I toke a bath while I cooking. I have a lunch between I did my work and finishied at Noon. After I toke a cloths  dry in the sun. After That,I felt sleepy,So I went to the bed again and work up at 18 o'clock. I started to check my work and found it uncomplate.So i fixed it and toke it in to the safe place from P'Aof. After that I found my room was dirty so i started to clean-up. In my expectary, When he came back to the room.He ask me,'why today this room is clerner than yesterday,What happen? And I said,'Because i'm new Aom,You will pround of me'.